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Product Overview


What is XTerm Medical Dictionary?

XTerm Medical Dictionary is a quick reference tool that can help you any time. Its database of medical terms is updated twice a month, so every time you download a patch there will be new and updated/corrected terms. This medical dictionary is freeware.

All definitions are embedded in an Windows compatible application, which has an built-in search engine. This allows fast search with wildcard or incorrect spelling. It is also possible to search for definitions which contain one or two desired words joined by a logical operator.


The database of medical terms includes definitions, abbreviations, acronyms, symbols, eponyms, mnemonics of medical conditions, anatomical structures, procedures, drug mechanisms, chemicals, medical associations, measure units etc.

Some features of this application

Browse headers
Use Browse headers to look through a complete dictionary word list. Browsing starts when you type a letter or series of letters. Up and down keys will help you to navigate through list, one word at a time.

Wildcard search
To find headers containing unknown letters place a ? instead of a letter and/or * for none or any letters.

Search on definitions
You can search definitions for a word or you can search for two words joined by a logical operator ( + means AND, - means NOT, / means OR).

With this feature you can keep up-to-date the database of medical terms. Proxy settings are available. (i.e. if your PC is behind a firewall you can use Update feature.) First Get Info, then Download. After download, the database file is checked with its new accompanying CRC (cyclical redundancy check), then installed, so the risk to install a corrupted file is zero.

Contributors (in alphabetical order)

Some definitions are written / sent by these great people.

Christoph Champ, student - Oregon State University: Biochemistry, Cell Biology

Y.A. Hamed M.D.

Madalina Marin, D.D.S

Sam Vaknin  - author of 'Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited': Personality Disorders

Final notes

I hope you will find XTerm Medical Dictionary useful. If you want to improve it or you feel you can share your knowledge, please let me know.

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Minimal requirements

Windows XP operating system
4 Mb of free space on hard disk


Current version
Code: 2.0.14
Date: Jan 14, 2011
Headers: 3027